Manual Handling/Lifting

Have you sustained injury as a result of lifting something at work?

Many employees do not realise that there are strict requirements upon an employer to provide manual handling training to all employees where at any time they are going to be requested to lift objects whilst at work. There are strict health and safety requirements that require not only training but risk assessments to be carried out by an employer before requesting an employee to become involved in any lifting operation.

If your employer has failed to provide training and/or failed to carry out risk assessments it is very likely that you will be entitled to recover compensation for any injury that you have subsequently sustained.

Bernard Clayton has recovered compensation in precisely such circumstances on behalf of many many people and you should contact him without delay to ascertain whether it is likely that you can yourself pursue a claim not only for pain and suffering but also to recover any financial loss such as loss of earnings.

Bernard can be contacted on his direct number 0161 764 1255 for a free, no obligation discussion, or you can email him directly.