Obstructions in the Work Place

An employer has a duty to ensure that your place of work is organised in such a way that employees can circulate around the premises in a safe manner and there ought to be no obstructions along traffic routes whether it be along a corridor or perhaps in a warehouse. It is also important to remember that an employer is likely to be found liable for any accident arising from the fault of another employee. Many accidents occur as a result of spillages on the floor of the workplace but it is then necessary to consider how that spillage arose and how it could have been avoided. For example a potato chip on the floor may have fallen off a counter or from a bowl which was overloaded.

A further example of how liability can attach to an employer involved a cleaner who went into a classroom and tripped over a box used for storing lunch boxes. The employer alleged that the cleaner should have been looking where she was going and therefore did not accept that they could be at fault. However the Court said that the box ought not to have been on the floor and that therefore liability did attach to the employer.

If you have suffered an accident as a result of an obstruction in the workplace or perhaps a spillage then it is highly recommended that you seek legal advice as you may well be surprised at situations where liability has been found to attach to your employer.

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