Employment Law

Bernard Clayton at Crompton Halliwell has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide both employees and employers through a range of challenging situations and ensure a successful resolution.

Perhaps you have recently suffered a termination of your employment. If that is the case you may feel the need to take advice with regards to a possible claim for unfair dismissal and if so Bernard Clayton will be able to assist in advising.

It is however important to be aware that any claim for submission to an Employment Tribunal has to be lodged with the Tribunal within three months of termination of your employment and it is important therefore to act speedily following dismissal.

Alternatively it may be that you are being treated unfairly by your employer but your employment has not been terminated and you may therefore feel the need to take advice as to whether you have grounds for what is known as constructive dismissal and again Bernard Clayton is the person with whom you should arrange to meet and discuss this with.

Your employer may choose to reach terms with you with regards to bringing your employment to an end and in many instances will prepare a compromise agreement setting out the terms that have been agreed with you. It will normally be the case that your employer will insist that you seek advice from a solicitor prior to signing the agreement and indeed your employer will normally agree to pay your solicitors fees for taking advice. If you are in receipt of a compromise agreement then please feel free to arrange an appointment with Bernard Clayton who has extensive experience in advising with regards to the contents of compromise agreements.

Should you require representation before a Tribunal then in many instances we are able to provide such representation on a contingency fee basis which removes any risk of you having to pay our fee and which would be determined as a percentage of any award made to you by the Tribunal.

Schedule a free initial meeting with Bernard Clayton at our office to learn more about your rights, your potential compensation and how we can help you.

Bernard can be contacted on his direct number 0161 764 1255 for a free, no obligation discussion, or you can email him directly.