General Litigation

General litigation, as opposed to personal injury litigation, serves to resolve disputes. Typically, the resolution involves some sort of monetary compensation. The general litigation solicitors at Crompton Halliwell can consult with you on the facts of your dispute and advise you on the best course of action.

Ultimately, general litigation can encompass any number of disputes between two or more individuals, companies or between an individual and a company. A few of the most common categories these disputes fall into include:

If you have entered into an agreement with another individual for money, and the agreement was broken or not adhered to in some way, there are laws established to help you towards monetary recovery.

Small Claims Procedure

Individuals should consider one factor before scheduling a consultation with our office. A general litigation claim has to have a value in excess of £5000. Anything less will be handled through a small claims procedure. Unfortunately, Crompton Halliwell cannot directly represent individuals through small claims.

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