Wills are very important. Without a Will you have little control over the distribution of your estate and possible welfare of children. Wills are designed to nominate the right person to deal with your estate to make sure that it passes to the right person at the right time. To make sure that your wishes are provided for.

Care is also taken with Wills so that provision can be made to provide help and support for minor children and grandchildren. We have experience in writing Wills with Trusts that protect benefits for disabled beneficiaries.

Life Interest Trust Wills are particularly useful to protect the survivor from assets being assessed for benefits or care or vulnerability if they should subsequently lose capacity. These Wills are not complicated but can be extremely useful. Advice is important.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you do not make legal provision to protect your family’s future assets then the estate could be liable to pay inheritance tax which is 40% payable on the excess of the nil rate band limit which is currently £325,000.00.

Generally people do not like making Wills but you are better with one than without.

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